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Moves Mat is a brand within Strive Nordic Mgmt AB and with the passion for athletes, travel and props that you can use in training we want to

  • Share our knowledge and findings from around the world
  • Share in a way that inspires you to be as passionate about movement as we are!
  • And by constantly engaging in talks with users make sure we are always relevant and improving us and all users!

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"Growing up I felt like no-one could take the ball away from me, but in my 17’s and starting to play with adults I was faced the hard reality - I wasn’t strong enough, fast enough or could handle the ball good enough. The first scrimmage coming down the court I was guarded by an elite defender that bumped my off hand and the moment after he took the ball from me. The same thing next time. I was confused and lost confidence.

Going down the road a few year’s and studying movement patterns and proprioception it hit my what he had done. Our hands are linked together so by hitting my off hand down, my ball hand reacted the same way! By using props like a stick, tennis ball or Drill Cone we can learn the art of disassociation of hands - in practice meaning getting hit by the defender and still keeping the ball under control like we want it." - Patrik Johansen, Owner

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Basketball, like many court sports, requires quick explosive speed. 

Many players just go out for a run and play, and then wonder why they are not getting faster in games. Moves Mat is here to reboot your movement - with and without the ball!

Make a move and:

  • Get visual accountability from colored and numbered dots.
  • Get in an explosive stance to be a multidirectional mover.
  • Action Reaction - You will be faster and make sure you are balanced to make the next move.

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The Drill Cone will be your knew coach keeping you accountable to keeping low as you attack the basket.

The Drill Cones will improve:

  • Off and Ball hand work
  • Getting your shoulder low when getting in to an attack
  • Getting off hand active to simulate contact with defender
  • Being more explosive


Having worked with thousands of players, and all with unique qualities this is one the most important areas we work to unleash the movement and creativity that each person have. The awesome thing about it is that in this way we don’t drill moves with cool names, we teach movements to make a basket!

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